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Business Energy Hidden Commission Claim

The Business Energy Hidden Commission Claim refers to a process by which businesses can potentially uncover undisclosed or hidden commissions within their energy contracts. In the energy industry, suppliers often work with brokers or intermediaries who assist businesses in securing energy contracts. These brokers may receive commissions from energy suppliers for their services, which are typically factored into the overall costs of the energy contract.

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  • How can I know if I am eligible to make a business energy claim?
    To determine your eligibility for a business energy claim, consider factors such as the type of business energy contract you have, the duration of the contract, any potential miss-selling or overcharging issues, billing errors, or disputes with your energy supplier. It is advisable to consult with our specialist claim advisors who can assess your situation and provide guidance. Find out more about Business Energy Claims, or Contact our experts who can assess if you are eligible.
  • What if my broker saved me money?
    This is quite often the case, however, this does not determine whether or not you have a claim. In a lot of circumstances, it is conceivable that a broker can save you money because of the excessive deal you were on previously, but there can still be a substantial amount of hidden commission resulting in a claim. Contact us today, our expert team can help calculate the amount of money you can claim back.
  • What are common reasons for making a business energy claim?
    Some common reasons for making a business energy claim in the UK include: Misrepresentation or mis-selling of energy contracts by suppliers or brokers Overcharging or incorrect billing Errors in meter readings or metering arrangements Failure to provide agreed-upon services or meet contractual obligations Disputes regarding contract termination or renewal terms We have a No Win, No Fee policy. Start Your Claim Now >
  • What is the time limit for making a business energy claim in the UK?
    The time limit for making a business energy claim can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the type of claim. In general, it is advisable to pursue a claim as soon as you become aware of the issue to avoid potential time limitations. Consult with our specialist or legal professional to understand the applicable time limits based on your situation. Start Your Claim Now >

Millions of £'s already Claimed

Our Claims range from £2000 to £1.8million!

Have you overpaid for your Business Energy?

Has your Business Energy been Mis-Sold?

Mis-sold business energy claims refer to cases where businesses have been provided with inaccurate or misleading information by energy suppliers or brokers during the process of obtaining energy contracts. 

Common examples of mis-selling include promises of lower energy costs, inaccurate representations of contract terms, hidden fees or charges, and failure to disclose important information about alternative energy options. 

Don't let business energy brokers keep what's yours! Contact us today >

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